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How a Higher Disability Threshold Is Hurting Injured Workers

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Wichita-based Slape & Howard are working with other attorneys and legal groups throughout the state to roll back the onerous new standards that drastically curtail and even deny benefits to workers injured on the job.

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Fighting Against the Kansas Workers Compensation Act

The Kansas Workers Compensation Act (KWCA) of 2011 was enacted largely in response to a 2009 State Supreme Court ruling, Bergstrom v. Spears Manufacturing Co.

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Slape & Howard Give Back to Local Charities

The attorneys at Slape & Howard here in Wichita are not only dedicated to helping Kansans get back on their feet after personal injuries, disabilities, and workers compensation claims, but they are also fully committed to the local community as a whole.

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Group of business people upset around a table

How the Kansas Workers' Compensation Act Is Harmful to Businesses

The Kansas Workers' Compensation Act (KWCA) of 2011, which increased the hurdles for injured workers to file claims and receive benefits while enriching the insurance companies liable for those benefits, has been under legal attack since its enactment.

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Injured man talking to another man across a desk

How the Kansas Workers' Compensation Act Is Harmful to Injury Victims

Workers' compensation is a program, mandated by the state, that compensates employees for illnesses and injuries that occur on or because of the job.

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Choosing a Workers' Compensation Attorney

In 2018, more than 36,000 Kansas workers were injured on the job or became ill as a result of their work, 61 of them fatally.

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Bandaged hand holding work injury claim form

The Workers' Compensation Claims Process in Kansas

The Workers' Compensation Act is complicated at best. The new system is set up so that it is more difficult to file a claim, and you can easily get thrown out of the system in a shorter amount of time.

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Construction worker fallen from a ladder

Which Injuries Qualify for Workers' Compensation Benefits in Kansas?

Workers' compensation laws are put in place to protect employees against work-related accidents.

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Bandaged hand holding work injury claim form

3 Things to Know when Filing for Workers Comp in Kansas

Being injured on the job is not only painful, it can also be costly. Unfortunately, workers are often unsure of where to turn for compensation when their injuries result in expensive medical bills or prevent or limit their ability to earn a living.

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Person holding injured arm in a sling with desk behind them

Why You Need a Workers Compensation Attorney

If you were injured while working for your employer, you might be afraid to report it for fear of retaliation or firing.

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