Why You Need a Workers Compensation Attorney

If you were injured while working for your employer, you might be afraid to report it for fear of retaliation or firing. Moreover, you may have friends who have told you that workers’ compensation cases are often denied in Kansas.

However, we are experienced at handling insurance claim denials and will do everything in our power to get your case approved. With our team's experienced help, the majority of our clients that have come to us with an initial denial end up getting benefits.

At Slape & Howard, we are adept at navigating the workers’ compensation process in Kansas. Our office is located in Wichita, and we assist injured employees throughout the state.

Showing You Were Hurt While on the Job

The Kansas Workers' Compensation Act (KWCA) is complicated legislation filled with complex rules. If you file a workers’ compensation claim yourself, it could result in a dismissal or denial of your injuries.

According to the KWCA, injured parties who are filing an application must show that the injury occurred during the course and scope of employment. This means that if you were hurt while driving to or leaving from work, or while you were out on break, you might not be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Our Wichita law firm is well aware of the reasons that cases are often dismissed, and we are forward-thinking in making applications on behalf of clients so that we can avoid denials. This is just one way that hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer can work to your benefit.

Proving Your Injuries

Workers’ compensation attorneys often see clients who are experiencing repetitive trauma. These are problems that have gotten worse over time while performing the same movements over and over again at work.

Under the KWCA, the requirements for proving a cumulative injury are strict. Injured workers are often required to undergo clinical tests to establish that they do indeed have repetitive trauma.

At Slape & Howard, we can refer you to doctors who are knowledgeable about the KWCA, so that the diagnostic report about your cumulative injury proves acceptable. Our office is conveniently located in Wichita, but we gladly serve clients remotely throughout the state.

Appealing Your Case After a Denial or Dismissal

If you did not retain a workers’ compensation lawyer when you submitted your claim, and your application was dismissed or denied, you should consider obtaining legal counsel for your appeal. A workers’ compensation appeal can be even more difficult than the initial claim.

During an appeal, the attorneys for your employer and its insurance company may call you in for a deposition. At the deposition, you will be asked questions under oath about your work and your injuries. Workers are allowed to bring a workers’ compensation attorney with them to these sessions.

Slape & Howard can represent you at depositions and appeals hearings. Our years of experience with these matters allows us to be strong advocates for our clients. Your case is important to us, and we will work diligently toward a successful outcome.

Contact a Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Wichita, Kansas

If you had an accident at work, or you are in pain from repetitive trauma, our team at Slape & Howard is eager to assist you with your claim. Workers’ compensation cases in Kansas can be tricky because the Kansas Workers’ Compensation Act tends to slight the employee in favor of the insurance company.

Although many people try to file a workers’ compensation application on their own, it’s a difficult and often unsuccessful route. We have worked to help thousands of clients recover tens of millions of dollars all over Kansas, and we will do the same for you. Contact Slape & Howard for a consultation.

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